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#SBS Small Business Sunday award winner

Supplying award-winning cost effective EPoS solutions to Restaurants and Businesses across Northern Ireland

EPoS Solutions

#SBS winner with Theo Paphitis in Oct 2013. We supply Cost Effective EPoS and cash register solutions,  customised to suit your business

Orders delivered direct from your App

At the point that your website and / or mobile phone apps are ready to go live we will also setup your printer so that your Kitchen and team are trained and ready to start taking orders from all of your Hungrrry customers.

  • Printer setup included.
  • SIM card setup and SMS texts included in monthly cost.
  • Support on hand 24/7 for any Printer related issues.
  • You also have the option to receive orders via email as a backup.


#SBS Small Business Sunday award winning business chosen by Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis – DH Business Services offer Cost Effective EPoS for your business from only £10/wk

Online ordering apps available with NO COMMISSION


Why choose a local EPoS supplier for your Point of Sale system?


Financial Accuracy

Traditionally, relying on staff’s competence to correctly calculate sales transactions can lead to mistakes and omissions. This can result in customers being overcharged, reducing the changes of them returning, or being undercharged, resulting in a loss of profit. An EPoS system  greatly reduces the possibility of such staff errors, ensuring that a business’s pricing and charging structure remains consistent. epos systems northern ireland

Speed & Efficency

An EPoS system greatly improves the speed and efficiency of your transactions. This will appeal to customers and help your employees focus on serving more people. This can improve your customers’ overall experience and encourage repeat custom in the future.


A major advantage of an EPoS system is their ability to produce a variety of business performance reports. Reports can range from a basic analysis of daily or annual profit margins, to an identification of the top selling products or services in a company’s range. Such information can provide a business with a useful picture of their overall performance, and can help influence marketing campaigns. For example you can apply discounts to less popular sales items at certain times in the year.


An EPoS systems allow business owners to accurately monitor and record staff activity. Being able to pinpoint which staff members were responsible for specific transactions can prove extremely useful for employers. Employers can identify employees with the strongest sales figures, encouraging a spirit of competition within the business. In contrast, those with particularly poor sales figures, or those displaying unusual sales activity, such as unusually high levels of voided transactions, can be easily identified.

Stock Management

A modern EPoS system can also be used to manage stock. Businesses have the ability to quickly review their current levels of stock, and easily identify areas in which a greater level of stock is required. The advantage of an automated EPoS system is that it can save a noticeable amount of time compared to traditional, manual stocktaking operations.

Ease of use

Our EPoS solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, from years of research. The software has evolved into one of the simplest POS applications on the market to use. The software is fully customisable to suit a variety of business type. Using Rapid Database Management Design, ECR Touch is one of the fastest POS Systems on the market.

Our Clients

We spotted DH Business Services on Twitter and choose DH Business Services EPoS system over others we’d viewed, firstly because Allen spent time with us, finding out what we needed then customising the EPoS to suit our business. From Stock Control & recipe costs, delivery & catering management the system works exactly to our requirements. Ashley French

Owner, French Village - Botanic Ave, Belfast

We use DH Business Services EPoS across our multi-site franchise stores. The software covers all aspects of our stock from our HQ to all our stores via VPN in realtime. All stock, ordering, purchasing, customer loyalty, price updates and reporting all run flawlessly as expected. Pam

General Manager, Ziggi Cig - ECigs N. Ireland

French Village Bakery
Beef and Bird
Beef and Bird
Del Piero's

Solutions For Your Business


Our EPoS systems are revolutionary for the retail industry as of today. It has even changed completely the work style of the business owners and the employees. It has improved their service tremendously to the extent of highly satisfying their customers. epos systems northern ireland

EPoS Solutions Restaurants


Reservation / booking package is free of charge
EPoS Solutions Bars Nightclubs

Bars & Niteclubs

Stock Control on foods, cocktails, wines, beers etc
EPoS Solutions Cafe


Tablet system as Point of Sale or as a waiter order pad. Saving time and errors in the kitchen
EPoS Solutions Takeaways


Use caller ID to track customers calls and text them when their order is sent
epos systems

EPoS Systems Northern Ireland

DH Business Services, supplying Cash Registers and EPoS Systems for over 25 years.

Cost Effective EPoS is our speciality:

  • Customer Loyalty Systems
  • Cashless transactions
  • Touch Screen EPoS
  • Cash Register Systems

Customers benefit from one to one assistance by our Engineers and Specialists to assist and support. At DH Business Services we supply hospitality EPOS solutions to suit and cater for any business type with full EPoS or iPAD systems from only £10/wk

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