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EPoS for Vaping & E-Cig Stores




In the E-Cig and Vaping sector Stock management is a priority at every shop.

Our software platform can be customised to suit the needs of this growing business.

With multi-site networking our EPoS can be centralised to a head quarters, fully cloud based reporting and programming, our software manages stock, transfers, transactions and customer loyalty.

Key Features & Benefits

Innovative Customer loyalty across all shops

Customised layouts and pricing

Staff scheduling & time keeping

downloadable app allows customers to purchase / order from their device

Real time stock management from purchase to sale

Transfer logs and reports for stock

Automated offers & promotions

Pre-booking deposit handling

Our EpoS systems can also encompass mobile handhelds for stock ordering which can increase service levels and capitalise on lost revenues.  With advanced functionality and extensive reporting our EPoS solutions reduce staff training and increase control of your business.

Reasons to buy EPoS for your Vaping E-Cig store

Supplied by DH Business Services an EPoS system is not just be used in the retail environment.

Each system is bespoke to the end-user requirements and made to suit your business.

It allows multiple tills in multiple locations

Our EPoS can be synchronised, networked into one system so that it can keep records up to date. Barcoding is used throughout, and our software can be used to create your own labels and barcodes.

Across a multi-site VPN network stock tranfers are possible in real-time, keeping stock levels accurate and up to date when you need reports done.

It is easy to modify

It can easily be modified to meet the requirements of your business. Changes in pricing and layouts can easily be implemented in the system in just one terminal. The changes can then be automatically detected in the whole system as well. Modifications are very important. Aside from changing the price of a product such as a coil or battery, the number of the products in stock and the number of incoming stocks are just few of the things that need to be updated from time to time.

An EPoS system helps in marketing

It may not be conventional but an EPoS system is a great tool for marketing. That is because our system provides real-time consumer analysis and reporting, campaigns, design and marketing service, entry booth, gift card, interface to membership programmes, loyalty, multimedia marketing and surveys.


It helps in managing manpower smartly

On top of these things, our EPoS point of sale software helps managing a business’ manpower in a smart way. Many of its features are designed to make your employees competitive. Some of its features include payroll integration and time & attendance management.


Our Clients

As Office Manager of Ziggi Cig we were first introduced to Allen Hume and DH Business Services when Ziggi Cig was founded. As the business grew, any EPoS needs we asked for were granted and the EPoS was customised to suit our needs. I have since took on my own franchise and continue to use DH Business Services as their service and knowledge of our products and business means as Ziggi Cig grows, our EPoS grows.

Pam Murray

Director and Franchisee, Ziggi Cig, Finaghy

As a business owner I use DH Business Services in our other businesses. Allen runs a fantastic business and understands the business needs of each client and business type. We run ICRTouch with cloud based back office in our vaping stores. The stock control is easy and well thought out, customer loyalty was a free add on and the customer voucher feature is unique and perfectly suited to our business
With the cloud based package, we can track sales, see reports, adjust stock and prices from any device, from anywhere.

Kelly Gibson

Business Owner and Entrepreneur, PK Vapes

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