Quorion EPoS Systems

Quorion QTouch2

12.1″ EPoS touchscreen

Quorion’s QTouch2 EPOS System is at the forefront for reliability, excellent on-screen software functionality and quick and easy to use back office software for data maintenance, reporting and stock control. The QTouch2 is ideal for Retail Shops and Hospitality Type Applications including: Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs, Hotels and many other businesses types.

Quorion QTouch10

10″ EPoS touchscreen with Built-in printer

Quorion’s All-in-One POS system, the QTouch 10 gives business owners everything they need in one unit without requiring any additional investments or hassles, because it incorporates a number of POS peripherals in one seamless design. Therefore, the QTouch 10 is ideal for smart businesses. You get a complete POS solution right out of the box!

Quorion QTouch8

8″ Touchscreen EPoS with built-in 80mm printer

The QTouch 8 POS system ideally lends itself to your growing, small business needs as a user-friendly, small, all-in-one POS system with all the peripherals built-in. Maximize your ROI with everything out of one box – touch screen technology, printer, customer display, POS software, and interfaces to support the latest POS devices!

Quorion QMP2000

Built-in 80mm Thermal Printer & Multiline diplay

Quorion’s All-in-One POS system, the QMP2000is the ultimate cash register for todays demanding Retail and Restaurant businesses 

32bit ARM 966E Processor with 4MB Flash ROM.Multiline display

Keyboards styles include 64 raised keys, 104 raised keys or the most popular 128 flat keys (spill proof)

You get a complete POS solution right out of the box!