ICR Ticketing- Flexible Ticketing Solution

Introducing Ticketing…

    the affordable, flexible way to sell and manage tickets for all kinds of venues, attractions and events.

    The latest software add-on, Ticketing provides a reliable, flexible solution to many operations. Saving time and money for the attraction, venue and event industries, the system can also be implemented within non-event businesses such as car parking, services and many more!

      How to: design and implement a Ticketing seating plan

      This new video will take you through the full process of designing and implementing a seating plan. Using the Ticketing seat plan creator and TouchOffice Web+, this will allow for a customer-friendly ticket sales journey via the ByTable/TouchTakeaway platforms.

      Introducing the Entry Scanner companion app

      To further help your customers improve the efficiency of their operations, we’ve released Entry Scanner, a companion app designed specifically to be used alongside the Ticketing solution.

      Downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, it gives end-users the flexibility to scan and validate tickets from absolutely anywhere.

      Our Clients

      We are proud to support local businesses and we have used DH Business Services since we opened in 2007. Now on our 3rd EPoS system from DH Business Services, our customised EPoS has changed as our busines has grown. DH Business Services take time to understand our business requirement and needs. Backed up by first class support and sound business knowledge.
      Peter McCleery

      Director, Sugarcane Coffee Company, Comber

      We are currently testing evolve-POS. Customers order from our website and the order prints in the kitchen on our dedicated evolve-POS kitchen printer. I can see all the incoming orders in the webstore dashboard from my office PC. A great feature is the group ordering, as customers can add individual names to the orders, so nothing is missed and customers each get exactly what they ordered.

      Phil Andrews

      Business Owner, Cafe Nosh, Dundonald

      Bob Stewarts EPOS
      Del Piero's
      Beef and Bird