Crooked Glen 2.0 PocketTouch installation. 1.11.2023

Using 3 Lenovo android tablets, we installed PocketTouch at the newly re-opened Crooked Glen 2.0

PocketTouch is designed by industry experts to allow the waiting staff to take orders seamlessly from the table, without the need for any manual pen and paper system. Orders are delivered straight from their hand-held device to the kitchen and bar, giving the most efficient service to the customer.

Order updates made on PocketTouch are automatically sent to the till, streamlining the whole process and allowing you to turnover tables quicker than ever.

Faster Service –

You’ll see table turnaround increase through seamless integration enabling more covers per table within every meal service.

Happy Customers –

PocketTouch will help you increase customer satisfaction as your staff have more time to spend in providing excellent customer service.

With PocketTouch, your staff have all the menu, allergy and promotion information in the palm of their hands, ensuring they’re ready to answer customer questions.

For the most productive meal service, you want to seat as many parties as possible. With PocketTouch, your customers aren’t left waiting for their order to be sent manually to the kitchen once it’s been taken – the system sends orders straight to your kitchen management system with just a single button press.

Getting the order right first time means there’s no more going back and forth, and when it comes to paying the bill, servers can take payments and complete checks right at the table, saving valuable time and freeing up the table quickly for your next customers.