This week (Oct 23 2023) we installed a new ICRTouch EPoS system with Kitchen Video into Frydays Portglenone Co. Antrim.
Allen and the team at DH Business Services transformed the way food and drink orders are processed. We asked for their advice and they supplied the solution with TouchKitchen. The intelligent and intuitive kitchen display system that’s designed by EPoS experts, specifically for the hospitality and takeaway industry. – Howard, Frydays Portglenone.

From starters through to dessert in our sit in upstairs, to the takeaway orders downstairs, the customer orders are organised neatly and clearly and displayed on display screens in the kitchen for easy order management. With no need for paper and print outs, the kitchen is already clearer and there’ll be reduced chance of mistakes. Linked together with integrated cloud based back office software, for realtime data reports, stock reports, recipes, costings, staff journal and more.

We want to thank Frydays for the repeat business, and thanks for choosing DH Business Services as their local EPoS supplier.
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