ICRTouch EPoS Software

 We are proud resellers of ICRTouch, state-of-the-art flagship till software.

 It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge. It scans, totals, handles cash and cards and even includes integral loyalty software. It offers unrivalled flexibility and opportunities to customise.

 At ICRTouch we understand that each business is different and with having over 100,000 UK installs across more than a decade we’d like to say that we’ve seen them all, but we certainly haven’t!  We realise that many pubs are more like restaurants, many restaurants like pubs, garden centres have cafes as well as retail outlets and golf clubs have members bars as well as pro shops; all would still like to use the same till system across the estate.

 With an ICRTouch point of sale touch screen till system this is all possible.

 Whatever your business, whatever your size.

 Have a look at what ICRTouch have to offer here: www.icrtouch.com

ICRTouch Solution for any business

TouchPoint - ICR's Flagship POS Software

PocketTouch - paperfree handheld ordering

TouchKitchen - transforms the way orders are processed

TouchOffice Web - Reliable Back Office Software

TouchMenu - Flexible Digital Signage

TouchTakeaway - Online ordering platform

TouchLoyalty - Cashless EPoS loyalty scheme

TouchTopUp - PrePaid Cashless card solution

TouchReservation - Restaurant Booking Software

TouchStock - Handheld Stock Control



ICRTouch can also encompass mobile handhelds for tableside ordering  which increase service levels and capitalise on lost revenues.  With advanced functionality and extensive reporting our EPoS solutions reduce staff training and increase control of your business.

Reasons to buy ICRTouch EPoS


Supplied by DH Business Service an EPoS system is not just be used in the retail industry but in restaurants and cafes as well. There are many advantages to make managing a restaurant easier and less stressful.


if you are a restaurant owner or manager, take a look at the reasons why restaurants should use an EPoS system:

It allows multiple tills in multiple locations

EPoS can be synchronised, networked into one system so that it can keep records up to date. Although barcoding may not work in a restaurant setting where an inventory system may not be in place, items such as soft drinks and alcohol can be organised using a restaurant software. This setup specially works for big restaurants with multiple outlets in a city because all data are centralised into one location.

It is easy to modify

It can easily be modified to meet the requirements of your restaurant. Changes in pricing and menus can easily be implemented in the system in just one cash register terminal. The changes can then be automatically detected in the whole system as well. Modifications are very important. Aside from changing the price of a product such as a soft drink, the number of the products in stock and the number of incoming stocks are just few of the things that need to be updated from time to time.

A restaurant system helps in marketing

It may not be conventional but an EPoS system is a great tool for marketing. That is because our system provides real-time consumer analysis and reporting, campaigns, design and marketing service, entry booth, gift card, interface to membership programmes, loyalty, multimedia marketing and surveys.

It helps in managing manpower smartly

On top of these things, restaurant EPoS point of sale software helps managing a restaurant’s manpower in a smart way. Many of its features are designed to make your employees competitive. Some of its features include payroll integration and time &  attendance management.

Our Clients

After recommendations from Millisle Royal British Legion and Bangor Civil Defense Club we contacted DH Business Services. They advised us to use their Cashless ICR EPoS system throughout our bars. This POS was so fast and efficent we were able to go from 4 POS down to 3 POS screens. DH Business Services didnt push us to buy 4 screens, advising 3 was enough and saving the club money.
Robert Fisher

Club secretary, Royal British Legion, Newtownards

We use DH Business Services EPoS in our social club bar. Member take advantage of the loyalty based cashless payment scheme and benefit from member pricing. Over the years we’ve had sponsorship from local shops and businesses to supply the customer loyalty cards. In 2017 DH Business Services themselves sponsored our latest batch of loyalty cards.
Joel Rodgers

Bar Manager, Ballywalter Bowling & Recreation Club

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Del Piero's
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