Interactive Point Of Sale


Self service software for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare from ICRTouch. Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff.

Over the last few years, the quick service restaurant (QSR) and takeaway sector has seen more and more businesses adopting technology to improve service, maximise sales speed and optimise footfall. Interwoven systems that work together can create an efficient service environment.

Digital signage now replaces traditional menu boards. Integrated digital menu systems take the menu and pricing direct from the till. The products and prices programmed and reported on within the EPoS system are synchronised and displayed to the customers with little effort and expense.

Order processing screens keep customers informed of their order progress and notify them when ready to collect, which helps reduce customers congregating at the tills. Staff also have less work to do to manage the customer journey from order to collection.

The technology has been available for a long while, yet businesses are only just realising the benefits that can be gained. In part the technology adoption has been driven by the large chains using and rolling out similar systems.

Self Service

Self Service from ICRTouch adds an extra piece to that QSR puzzle to streamline the entire process from the moment the customer walks in the door, to when they leave with their order. The interface has been designed to be really simple to use, and the user is led through their ordering journey without any additional guidance.

The standby screen can be used as digital signage to passively interact with customers as they walk by. Once the screen has been “tapped to start” the customer can choose between paying at the kiosk terminal, or at a till.


Allergen information programmed at the TouchPoint till will show corresponding allergen icons below the product description on the kiosk. Tapping each icon gives a more detailed description of the allergen. The clear and easily identifiable allergen information means that users don’t have to search elsewhere or ask a member of staff if the product is safe for them.

Cost Effective

The self service product is relatively low cost compared to a member of staff. It will always get to work on time, and won’t call in sick. So the cost benefit alone makes a self service solution profitable.

ICRTouch’s Self Service is versatile and isn’t just restricted to takeaways and QSR. There are many situations where unattended ordering can benefit. Perfect for hospitality boxes, seating areas that are in low traffic or quieter spots, cafés and restaurants, theatres, drive-thru.

Compulsory payment at the time of order reduces the risk to the business owner of erroneous orders being made, so that it can be used in those quieter spots.