Paymentsense Connect Integration 

Looking for a local EPOS supplier that can integrate your credit card payments?
DH Business Services are an authorised PaymentSense Connect reseller and our integration package with ICRTouch hospitality software is the perfect EPoS solution.

Use Connect™ to bring your DH Business Services EPoS and your card machines together.  Put an end to lost revenue caused by miskeying and allow customers to pay at the table.  Read on to learn about the business-boosting power of integrated payments.

Connect™ is clever cloud-based integration software that lets your DH Business Services EPOS talk  to our card machines. It can make all the difference to your business. Here’s how.

With your till and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice. Which means faster payments, shorter queues and happier customers

Say goodbye to chargebacks and costly mistakes – Connect was designed to do away with errors caused by miskeyed transactions.

Cash up in minutes at the end of each day: your cash and card payments will always add up. So no more late nights trying to balance the books.

Connect Pay at Table has been designed to improve customer experience and turn tables up to four times faster.

Print the bill straight from your card machine, so customers are never left waiting.

Divide the bill evenly or split it whatever way your customers like, right from your card machine.

Do it all, without taking a single round trip to the till.

We can provide you with everything from gateways to card machines and a merchant account

Time is money, so we’ll get you integrated and set up in as little as 3 days. Because going fast is our thing.

By combining cutting edge technology, extraordinary customer support and an unconventional way of thinking, Paymentsense can offer lower rates, better service and peace of mind. We call it Beyond Ordinary. But it’s basically just common sense. And it’s why over 70,000 businesses choose to process over £10 billion of sales with us every year.

DH Business Services have been supplying EPoS systems for over 30 years. At DH Business Services we supply hospitality EPoS solutions to suit and cater for any business type. Est 1986 

Paymentsense Connect