The roadmap to freedom has been announced and businesses are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. But even though they can start preparing behind the scenes to open up safely, it’s still a bit of a waiting game.

That’s why DH Business Services and Paymentsense have continued to focus on developing new ways to help our customers.

Customers now get paid faster than ever

We’re all about putting customers first. And thanks to the feedback we’ve received, customers are getting a free update that gets them paid – fast. They’ll now receive their takings the next working day from 10am. 

With Dojo, businesses will now get their money faster than any other provider as standard.

We know that cash flow is a top priority for businesses, so we took the lead on offering this unrivalled benefit to all of our Dojo customers.

9m transactions to date > 4.3K customer > £143M worth of payments processed