We didn’t concentrate on the ‘gizmos’ of apps, we concentrated on the boring stuff that businesses need, not the flashy stuff. 

At the start of May 2020, when it was clear that the peak of the infection had passed the development team at ICRTouch went back to work and began to plough all their efforts into building additional functionality, targeted at pubs/restaurants/cafés, which has culminated in what we all now call ByTable. 

During this time period, and even still now, many other businesses in this industry are still on ‘furlough’ 

We can honestly say, that we’re all incredibly pleased and proud of what they have all managed to achieve!  Without question, it is the most functional, reliable, brilliantly integrated & cheapest solution available on the UK market by a very very long way. 

Cafés and restaurants are able to hit the ground running and to be able to trade effectively {and as far as possible without compromise} with their customers using an ‘Ordering App’. 

They did not concentrate on the ‘gizmos’ of apps, they concentrated on the boring stuff that businesses need, not the flashy stuff. 

ICRTouch stated: We do have plans for later on, we just need to get these first couple of weeks out of the way and then see where we stand.  But there will be:

Better messaging functionality in the app

Improvements to the payment process

Price levels {happy hour etc}

Mix and Match

Customer Loyalty

Set Menus

Perhaps these targets will change, but certainly, they’re on our mid-term road map for the product.

The short point to this is that our customers are being supplied with an amazing product, they will not get even close to as good anywhere else, and that we will continue working very hard to give them some of the more ‘cool’ things that they will be desiring as the year progresses; but please play nice.

We’re extremely proud to be doing everything that we can to help our 25,000 pub customers reopen!

  • DH Business Services is a local EPoS supplier with over 34 years’ experience in cash registers and hospitality systems


  • Any orders placed print directly at the EPoS printers in the bar, kitchen, wherever you need them to print.
  • Sales are recorded on the EPoS and on the cloud in real time, so you can check orders as they come in, review orders online or on the EPoS, and all your financial reports are in one place.
  • No need to ask customers to download an app. Our system integrates with your facebook page, or place QR Codes on your tables allowing customers to order instantly, no setting up or logging in.
  • No commission on orders, just one fixed low monthly fee that includes full support and fully integrates with Paymentsense, sagepay and paypal.
  • If you want to have your own app down, we can arrange it for a one off cost, with your own branding and layouts. Your business app will not be on a marketplace app with other adverts.

We have seen a lot of order apps pop up during the pandemic, but none offer the functionality and integration to EPoS as TouchTakeaway and ByTable.  

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 restaurants, pubs and bars need to re-think how customers are served safely whilst keeping staff protected. With the government slowly relaxing lockdown, it’s now easier than ever before to adapt your business focus to meet the rising demand and get back to serving your local and loyal customers.

How it works… Your customers can simply browse the menu to build their order and select deliver to table. They can then enter further details and choose a payment method.

When customers are visiting, serving from the bar can be tricky, but even more so now with social distancing and hygiene being a major factor in everyone’s day to day lives. Keep everyone safe and seated at the table, enable them to order using their personal phone and bring everything to them. Minimise interaction to keep your staff and your customers safe. This is more convenient and a better experience for your customer.

How ByTable can help your business?
ByTable integrates seamlessly with your EPoS and back-office software. Sales are pushed through to your TouchPoint till just like a traditional transaction and goes straight through to the bar/kitchen printers. This also means that you can analyse orders directly from TouchPoint and TouchOffice Web on a single unified system.

0% Commission.
Online ordering platforms will typically charge up to 20% commission on every transaction you make, however with ByTable there is no commission fee, so 100% of the profit stays in your pocket.

Offer more choices.
Your customers are more likely to get exactly what they want, with advanced ordering options allowing your customers to customise their selection – particularly ideal for allergy sufferers, but also for those who truly dislike gherkins. Customers can simply pick their choices from the menu and select their meal preferences, condiments, and sides as defined by you. Safe socially distanced serving. Your customers can enjoy meals and drinks without close interaction with staff or other guests, and without handling menus, payment terminals or cash.