Tonight’s table seven could be out on the
town right now and they’re looking for
somewhere to dine on their smartphone.
TouchReservation is optimised for mobile
devices, allowing reservations to be
made on the move.

Free up your staff – Staff aren’t tied up on the phone for
those customers preferring to use
online services.

Reduce Admin – Administration tasks are reduced with
automated table allocations, order
notifications and auto-confirmations

Transparent pricing – Easy to manage fixed pricing that
won’t break the bank, with no per table
licensing or transaction charge.

Around the clock booking – Customers can make bookings at their
leisure, either from the comfort of their
homes to a busy day in the office at any
time of day, or night

No mistakes – TouchReservation and TouchPoint stay
in sync and share the same table plan,
so it is always up-to-date and you never
double book.

Your own branding – TouchReservation is custom branded to
suit your business and fit your current

Plan ahead – Table reservations help you plan ahead
for the night, know when to expect a big
party and when to call in more staff.