Self Service

Version 2 of our Self Service Kiosk software is now released.
After extensive testing in a popular London café, it has proved to be a huge success.
It was noted that the average basket spend of products purchased through the self serve kiosk significantly increased spend by 30%.

SelfService doesn’t mean no Service

Selfservice is a quick & easy exchange between the customer and your business. Customers can independently place their orders, giving them the means to control their order.
Any order mistakes are liable to them and not the business.

SelfService is ideal for a quick service restaurant, creating a unique restaurant ordering experience and reducing queues at the till.
For retail and attractions it is a perfect way to order and provide a quick service to customers.

For Speed and convenience, customers are able to quickly browse your menus, order and pay for items at the kiosk. Enabling staff to get on with other jobs like delivering an enhanced customer experience.
We can connect Selfservice to digital signage like Collection Point for seamless collections.

Our SelfService kiosks can be wall mounted or free standing.
Freestanding are popular with businesses with a lot of floor space and commonly seen in quick service restaurants.
Wall Mounted systems are generally smaller for those with limited space, but we can also adapt the software to run on a tablet, so they can be placed on a table or lower counter to help with accessibility requirements.

Is a SelfService worth the investment?

SelfService kiosks will not get sick
SelfService kiosks will not go on holiday
SelfService kiosks will not be late.

SelfService kiosks talk to the EPoS system to let staff know when it is running out of receipt rolls or when it needs replacing.

Promote your business
SelfService kiosks offer so much more than just a point of sale.
They can offer information as well as printing tickets and taking payments.
SelfService kiosks also generate revenue through upsells and advertising.

When the SelfService kiosk is not in use it goes into standby mode. This is the perfect opportunity to place advertisements on to the screen that will be seen by customers.

SelfService kiosk can also prompt customers to buy more, include promotions, mix & match, BOGOF etc. Upsell with every order, ie Go Large.

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