Hungrrr continues to secure new clients.
At DH Business Services we work closely with Hungrrr providing businesses with webstores, ecommerce and customer mobile ordering apps.
Local customers include French Village, The Guillemot and Bengal Brasserie.

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At Hungrrr its been a very interesting and busy time as businesses assess how they can continue to operate during this crisis. We have noticed a massive increase in new client lands direct and via some of our partners like DH Business Services.

Some of our clients have taken the decision to close for a period to protect themselves, their team and customers, which we fully understand and respect. Those who have closed only represent around 1% of our client base with the remaining continuing to serve their communities and following the social distancing guidance by turning off all Cash payments and doing delivery only.

Having spoken to a number of you I am hearing the same thing that your clients are cancelling support contracts and freezing any decisions on going ahead with new installs, marketing campaigns or new websites just now. However you have Hungrrr up your sleeves to allow you to speak to all Restaurants, Takeaways, Pubs, Hotels, Bakers, Dairies, Fruit and Veg suppliers as well as Pet Shop owners about the system working for them.

Example launches: – Normally B2B but now offering direct to customer with an ROI over 10,000% in under a week from one location with second going live this week!

Clarks Bakery ( – Dundee Bakery allowing customers to drive up and goods brought out to the car by using Number Plate as confirmation. – Offering Delivery and Collection

New Feature: Company based discount – this allows clients to set up a discount code specific to a business email address for example anyone signed up using
This was pushed through our development especially because of COVID-19 as many of our clients were wanting to give NHS and 999 responders a special discount and the only way to know is by using their email addresses.

If I can be of any help or you wish to talk over anything about how to help you secure new clients onto Hungrrr at this time please do not hesitate to call me on my mobile.