TouchTakeaway has been a fantastic advantage to our business and our customers and since 2020 the package has advanced even further. The work ICRTouch have put into the package is invaluable and faultless.

Latest customer requests and updates include:

Mix and Match is now fully supported with all deals calculated at the Order Summary Page.

Item-Specific Notes is a new flag to enable message per product.
Once enabled  the message box will appear in the modifiers.

App notifications adds a benefit to the end user as notifications can be sent to the customers phone with updates on things such as their order status.

Gratuity. Customers now have the option to add a gratuity amount to their total order, and to aid the customers decision, they are prompted with quick options for 5%, 10%, 20% etc so tips can be added, or a value can be added. All this is processed as one seamless transaction.