If you haven’t got one of our till systems, you can utilise the new TouchTakeaway Commander app, that enables online orders to be processed and managed from a tablet, without the need for a full EPoS system.
Try our demo site here https://dhbusiness.touchtakeaway.net/menu


To help your business survive the lockdown, we are offering our online ordering platform, TouchTakeaway, FREE for new customers until the end of 2020.  

The Complete Online Platform for Your Takeaway

From mobile kitchens to restaurant chains, TouchTakeaway will bring your menu to the customer.

TouchTakeaway is great for click and collect and order for delivery. It can be used for collection, delivery, eat in, table or seat ordering in cafés, Restaurants, Bars, Stadiums, Theatres or any venue offering table service.

Discover how you could benefit from TouchTakeaway.



Any device. Anywhere.

The TouchTakeaway Commander is a web-based application designed to put you in full control of your orders. The TouchTakeaway Commander is responsive, it will work on any device with a modern browser.


Handle orders easily without a till

Each item is clear and legible, and statuses can be changed with a smooth dropdown menu to alert the customer.


View scheduled orders by date and time

If a customer schedules their order for another time, it goes straight to a dedicated view and notifies your staff. This is then filtered by day, giving takeaways (big or small) plenty of room to breathe.