We didn’t concentrate on the ‘gizmos’ of apps, we concentrated on the boring stuff that businesses need, not the flashy stuff.


SelfService provides a consistent service and does not tire during its shift. When you are busy, SelfService will not get flustered or make mistakes. Treat every customer with the same level of excellent service, every time.


You want to seat as many parties per meal service as possible. With PocketTouch your customers aren’t left waiting for their order to be sent through to the kitchen. Getting the order right first time is another essential part of customer turnaround, minimising the risk of mistake with digital tickets reduces the chance of orders being sent back to the kitchen. When it comes to paying the bill, servers can take payments and complete checks right at the table, saving valuable time and freeing the table for your next customers.



Print a QR Code, leave it at each table. The customer scans the QR code on their phone and downloads your menu. They order and pay through their phone. Simple, efficient and contactless. The app integrates and transact through the till, so waiting staff can carry out their duties.

We will create your shop / menu remotely and provide you with the shop link. We will also show you how you can adjust your menu, add products and control your menu from TouchOffice Web.

As customers place their orders, your TouchPoint till will receive and record the sale, printing a receipt in-house as well as delivery instructions.

Your customer will then get a notification that you have received the order along with an estimated wait time.

Social Media is proving to be most effective in these times to spread the word to your local community. People are at home, on their computers and phones to find out the latest news from the outside world. You can promote your menu to your social media followers with a direct link, and your regular customers can save the app to their phone home screen.

Word of mouth, send a text to any contacts that live close to your delivery area such as friends and family, ask them to pass the message on and spread the word.

Classified ads, promote your business to the community on places like GumTree.

Print off simple posters and QR code links and place them in the shop display windows to let passers by know that you are delivering.

Print simple menus with links to your app for your drivers to deliver as you drop food deliveries off.

The latest tech can boost your business and get people talking about your business.