Guaranteed length, Epson approved rolls.

We have always sold rolls as specified by the ‘original equipment manufacturers’ such as Epson etc., but here we help explain the reason why competitors rolls may appear to be cheaper than ours.

GSM is grams per square metre, and obviously the heavier the paper, the shorter the length, so less paper on the roll and the cheaper the cost.

DH Business Services have always specified the length of roll, primarily as a selling benefit while competing with other dealers selling lower priced, shorter length rolls and currently we don’t intend to change this policy, but as you see some manufacturers have already shortened their rolls and our main supplier is considering doing the same to meet their competitors head on.

Until our suppliers change the GSM of their rolls, our rolls will remain of the same quality and lengths as they always have been, whilst remaining competitively priced.

We are a local N. Ireland business and we will price match any offer you have.

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5740T Chip & Pin rolls from only £7 per box of 20
8080 thermal rolls from £14.50 per box of 20